Offroad Safety Information

IRRC provides this page as an educational resource to post any information on offroad safety. This can be articles, videos, or links to other resources. This is a place for both the offroad enthusiast and also EMS professionals to learn more about how to assist injured riders in remote areas. Offroad riding is a dangerous sport that tends to take you to remote places, and having some first aid knowledge could be critical in keeping a cool head in an emergency situation.

If you you have any input or have found useful information on the internet, please let us know at


Video of how to remove a Leatt Neck Braces on an injured rider. This video is hosted on Youtube and is provided by Leatt. Visit Leatt's site for more information on the neck braces they provide.
Removal of Leatt Neck Braces Video

Please see the following video regarding helmet removal using the Shock Doctor Eject Helmet Removal System. If you are an emt that works in with high likelyhood of motorcycle accidents, please view. This video was made by the Action Sports Medicine Foundation. It makes sense to be aware of the tools that are out there, should you come across this.
Eject Helmet Removal System Video 1

Articles article "Motorcycle Riding Emergency Tips" by Greg Mcquide. This article pertains to riding on the street, but the information is good for offroad as well.


Blood, Sweat, and 2nd Gear by Flash Gordon M.D. This a book on Amazon that covers how to care for things like road rash and monkey butt. Medicine from a motorcyclist perspective.



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